our customers say it best:
  • A lot of people have commented on some of the photos I’ve shared, saying they wish they had have gotten a birth photographer for their births. I’m glad we don’t have this “regret” as we have beautiful images that tell a wonderful story of the nerves, excitement, elation and relief on my daughter’s birth day.–Tanya Kovarsky

  • Having our birth photographer present to capture the arrival of our beautiful baby boy was such a privilege. It felt very important to me to have a photo of the moment that we welcomed our precious stranger into the world. She captured this beautifully and having a picture that I can look at and that instantly transports me back to the incredible feeling of wonder and joy of that moment is something that I treasure greatly.–Belinda Hurwitz

  • You went everywhere where I was and where I wasn’t. You took priceless pics of my family when they heard the news of the baby’s birth, these are moments I didn’t even know about. The pictures of the bystanders make me cry every time I look at them. Without your photography, I would never have known about those hugs, tears and prayers.–Anin Aucamp

  • Our proudest moment yet, so beautifully and modestly portrayed, for us to visit again and again (and again). Our birth photographer was so discreet in the delivery room, and picked up on every emotion felt. Besides every one of our brand new baby, my favourite pictures are those where she captured my husband's emotions. A relaxed composure at first, then he looked a bit stressed (with wild hair) as the delivery got more intense, and then the utter relief once our little boy was born. I am so grateful that she was there to freeze that perfect moment in time for us. –Jodi Haupt

  • I was a little apprehensive about having a photographer in the room with me during what was a very emotional and personal experience, but you made me feel so comfortable and were so unobtrusive that I completely forgot you were there…but I’m so thrilled that you were. The pictures captured everything that we wanted from that wonderful day and always brings a huge smile to our faces when we look at them. You captured our entire journey so perfectly and creatively and for that we are so grateful.–Trishia Moodley